JSON Rules

If you have already a JSON file with your rules, then all you need to do is add the path (relative or absolute) to that file in the rules configuration key. However, the path MUST include the keyword json in it.

moduleSettings = {
// CB Security
cbSecurity : {
"rules" : "config/security.json.cfm"

Then your file can be something like this:

"whitelist": "user\\.login,user\\.logout,^main.*",
"securelist": "^user\\.*, ^admin",
"match": "event",
"roles": "admin",
"permissions": "",
"redirect": "user.login",
"useSSL": false
"whitelist": "",
"securelist": "^shopping",
"match": "url",
"roles": "",
"permissions": "shop,checkout",
"redirect": "user.login",
"useSSL": true