This module will provide your application with a security rule engine.

LICENSE Apache License, Version 2.0.


  • Lucee 4.5+

  • ColdFusion 9+


Just drop into your modules folder or use CommandBox to install

box install cbsecurity

You will then need to configure the interceptor via the cbsecurity settings in your main ColdBox.cfc or you can also declare the interceptor manually by leveraging the class: cbsecurity.interceptors.Security. If you define the cbsecurity settings, then the module will load the interceptor automatically for you with those settings.

You can find all the documentation here:

Security Rules

Security rules can come from xml, json, query, memory or custom locations. You will find some examples in this module's config folder.


Below are the security settings you can use for this module. Remember you must create the cbsecurity struct in your ColdBox.cfc:

cbsecurity = {
    // By default all rules are evulated as regular expressions
    useRegex = true,
    // Verify queries that they have all required columns, by default it is relaxed
    queryChecks = false,
    // Will verify rules of execute before ANY event. Be careful, can be intensive, usually the preProcess is enough.
    preEventSecurity = false,
    // The class path of a CFC that will validate rules, optional
    validator = "class.path",
    // The WireBox ID of the object to validate rules, optional
    validatorModel = "wireboxID",
    // The bean ID of the object in the ioc module that will validate the rules, optional
    validatorIOC = "beanID.from.ioc.module",
    // Where to look for security rules
    rulesSource = "xml,json,db,model,ioc,ocm",
    // The location of a rules file, aplies to XML and JSON only
    rulesFile = "",
    // Rules DB Properties
    rulesDSN = "datasource",
    rulesTable = "table",
    rulesSQL = "select * from rulesTable",
    rulesOrderBy = "",
    // Model Rule Properties
    rulesModel = "",
    rulesModelMethod = "method",
    rulesModelArgs = "comma-delimmited list of args",
    // IOC properties
    rulesBean = "",
    rulesBeanMethod = "method",
    rulesBeanArgs = "comma-delimmited list of args",
    // Cache key that has rules in the 'default' provider
    rulesOCMKey = "key.from.default.provider"

Manual Interceptor Declaration

Here is a sample declaration you can use in your ColdBox.cfc:

// Security Interceptor declaration.
interceptors = [
    { class="cbsecurity.interceptors.Security",
        // please add the properties you want here to configure the security interceptor
        rulesFile = "/cbsecurity/config/security.json.cfm",
        rulesSource = "json"
     } }

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