Configuring your authentication services

You will configure the authentication and user services in the authentication area of CBSecurity. CBSecurity ships with the cbauth module that can provide you with a robust authentication service, session/request storage, interceptions, and much more. However, you can use any security authentication service as long as it matches our interface: cbsecurity.interfaces.ISecurityValidator.

If you are using cbauth as your authenticationService (the default), you also need to configure cbauth.

cbauth = {
    // This is the path to your user object that contains the credential 
    // validation methods
    userServiceClass = "models.UserService"
 * --------------------------------------------------------------------------
 * Authentication Services
 * --------------------------------------------------------------------------
 * Here you will configure which service is in charge of providing authentication for your application.
 * By default we leverage the cbauth module which expects you to connect it to a database via your own User Service.
 * Available authentication providers:
 * - cbauth : Leverages your own UserService that determines authentication and user retrieval
 * - basicAuth : Leverages basic authentication and basic in-memory user registration in our configuration
 * - custom : Any other service that adheres to our IAuthService interface
authentication : {
	// The WireBox ID of the authentication service to use which must adhere to the cbsecurity.interfaces.IAuthService interface.
	"provider"        : "authenticationService@cbauth",
	// WireBox ID of the user service to use when leveraging user authentication, we default this to whatever is set
	// by cbauth or basic authentication. (Optional)
	"userService"     : cbauth.userServiceclass,
	// The name of the variable to use to store an authenticated user in prc scope on all incoming authenticated requests
	"prcUserVariable" : "oCurrentUser"


The provider key is the WireBox ID of the authentication service that must adhere to our interface.

"provider" : "SecurityService@contentbox"


This key is not mandatory and will be automatically filled out from the cbauth user service class by default. This class is used for CBSecurity to know how to retrieve users and validate credentials from whatever storage system you use. This value can be a WireBox ID, and the object must adhere to our interface: cbsecurity.interfaces.IUserService.

"provider" : "BasicAuthUserService@cbsecurity"


This is a convenience setting that tells CBSecurity into which prc (private request context) variable to store the authenticated user on EVERY request. This allows your entire codebase to talk to a single variable for the authenticated user.

"prcUserVariable" : "oCurrentUser"

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