Configuring CBSecurity for cross site request forgery attacks

CBSecurity ships with the cbsrf module and can be configured in line with the cbsecurity key.

Please note that if any update is made to that module, verify its settings in the module's configuration documentation: https://forgebox.io/view/cbcsrf

 * --------------------------------------------------------------------------
 * CSRF - Cross Site Request Forgery Settings
 * --------------------------------------------------------------------------
 * These settings configures the cbcsrf module. Look at the module configuration for more information
csrf : {
	// By default we load up an interceptor that verifies all non-GET incoming requests against the token validations
	enableAutoVerifier     : false,
	// A list of events to exclude from csrf verification, regex allowed: e.g. stripe\..*
	verifyExcludes         : [],
	// By default, all csrf tokens have a life-span of 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, they expire and we aut-generate new ones.
	// If you do not want expiring tokens, then set this value to 0
	rotationTimeout        : 30,
	// Enable the /cbcsrf/generate endpoint to generate cbcsrf tokens for secured users.
	enableEndpoint         : false,
	// The WireBox mapping to use for the CacheStorage
	cacheStorage           : "CacheStorage@cbstorages",
	// Enable/Disable the cbAuth login/logout listener in order to rotate keys
	enableAuthTokenRotator : true


By default, this setting is turned off. If you turn it on, then every non-GET request will be verified that it contains a valid incoming csrf token via a header or the incoming rc.


A list of regex patterns that will match against the incoming event. If matched, then that event will be excluded from the auto-verifier.

verifyExcludes : [ "stripe\.", "logout" ],


All csrf tokens have a life span of 30 minutes. But you can control how long they live with this setting.

rotationTimeout : 60,


This setting enables the GET /cbcsrf/generate endpoint to generate csrf tokens for secured users. You can use this endpoint to generate user tokens via AJAX or UI-only applications. Please note that you can pass an optional /:key URL parameter that will generate the token for that specific key.

IMPORTANT: This endpoint is secured via a secured annotation, so make sure the firewall has annotation-driven rules enabled.


The WireBox ID to use for storing the tokens. The default is the CacheStorage@cbstorages object. However, you can use any ColdBox storage or your own as long as it matches the CBStorages API: https://forgebox.io/view/cbstorages.

cacheStorage : "SessionStorage@cbstorages"


This setting is enabled by default and what it does is that it will rotate a user's secret keys when they login/logout via any authentication service registered with CBSecurity.

enableAuthTokenRotator : false

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