What's New With 2.0.0

New Features

  • Adobe 2016,2018 Support
  • Settings transferred to ColdBox 4/5 moduleSettings approach instead of root approach (See compat section)
  • The rulesModelMethod now defaults to getSecurityRules()
  • ColdFusion security validator has an identity now [email protected] instead of always being inline.
  • You can now add an overrideEvent element to a rule. If that is set, then we will override the incoming event via event.overrideEvent() instead of doing a relocation using the redirect rule element.
  • You can now declare your rules inline in the configuration settings using the rules key. This will allow you to build the rules in your config instead of a rule source.
  • We now can distinguish between invalid auth and invalid authorizations
  • New interception block points cbSecurity_onInvalidAuthentication, cbSecurity_onInvalidAuhtorization
  • You now have a defaultAuthorizationAction setting which defaults to redirect
  • You now have a invalidAuthenticationEvent setting that can be used
  • You now have a defaultAuthenticationAction setting which defaults to redirect
  • You now have a invalidAuthorizationEvent setting that can be used
  • If a rule is matched, we will store it in the prc as cbSecurity_matchedRule so you can see which security rule was used for processing invalid access actions.
  • If a rule is matched we will store the validator results in prc as cbSecurity_validatorResults
  • Ability for modules to register cbSecurity rules and setting overrides by registering a settings.cbSecurity key.
  • New security rule visualizer for graphically seeing you rules and configuration. Can be locked down via the enableSecurityVisualizer setting. Disabled by default.
  • Annotation based security for handlers and actions using the secured annotation. Which can be boolean or a list of permissions, roles or whatever you like.
  • You can disable annotation based security by using the handlerAnnotationSecurity boolean setting.
  • JWT Token Security Support


  • SSL Enforcement now cascades according to the following lookup: Global, rule, request
  • Interfaces documented for easier extension interfaces.*
  • Migration to script and code modernization
  • New Module Layout
  • Secured rules are now logged as warn() with the offending Ip address.
  • New setting to turn on/off the loading of the security firewall: autoLoadFirewall. The interceptor will auto load and be registered as [email protected] in WireBox.


  • Adobe 11 Dropped
  • Lucee 4.5 Dropped
  • Migrate your root cbSecurity settings in your config/ColdBox.cfc to inside the moduleSettings
  • IOC rules support dropped
  • OCM rules support dropped
  • validatorModel dropped in favor of just validator to be a WireBox Id
  • Removed preEventSecurity it was too chatty and almost never used
  • The function userValidator has been renamed to ruleValidator and also added the annotationValidator as well.
  • rulesSource removed you can now use the rules setting
    • The rules can be: array, db, model, filepath
    • If the filepath has json or xml in it, we will use that as the source style
  • rulesFile removed you can now use the rules setting.
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